Unpacking Bags Vs. Emptying the Clip

I’m gonna state two things before I get into this blog. Number one, I’m really kinda delayed on writing the blog about dating in 2019 solely because I’m wanting to make sure that I really give that blog my undivided attention. The second thing is that I have some thoughts about this topic because I have personally had to distinguish when did I need to just flat-out empty the clip about something or I just needed to take time to unpack and break down everything that’s being said.

I’ll go ahead & share that these are analogies I have personally began to grow over the past few months. Let’s address the difference between the two. First, there’s unpacking the bag (the image above). Many times, we need to talk to others & we just need someone to listen to us vent. It’s a lot to discuss, & we sometimes need to unpack the bags & just talk about everything that’s on our mind. When doing this, the person listening preparing to respond has to take all of the information provided & unpack it without just taking the information & just throwing it everywhere. It’s not as easy as it sounds, because we are naturally gonna find ourselves trying to figure out what direction to address what information. It’s equivalent to unravelling something (or someone in some cases).

The other side of this is emptying the clip. Now, for the sake of the Internet & my blog, I’m not gonna show an image of someone or something being emptied, but I have a good animation that may resemble this…

Duck down for this one…

OK, so sometimes when we are talking to others & we need to get everything out on the table, we have a case of logorrhea.

Definition of logorrhea

excessive and often incoherent talkativeness or wordiness

We all have been there. We find ourselves just talking and sharing things, but depending on who we’re talking to, they want us to really get it all out on the table. When I first used to talk to people, I would tell them to empty the clip. Emptying the clip can sometimes be a gift & a curse. Also, when you talk to someone who doesn’t have time to hear all of the fluff and foolishness, they will empty the clip on you in a second. You have to sometimes remind people to place their weapon back in the holster. The more intriguing part is that you never know when this form of discussion is coming. It happens so fast that there’s usually no preparation for it. At least, that’s what I’ve seen sometimes.

Now, the all-important question…when do you unpack & what do you when someone empties the clip? LISTEN!!!!! Many times, people just want to be heard. When there’s a lot to unpack, there are many things to dive into and divulge. If you cut someone off in the middle of their unpacking, as the image above shows, you could still leave articles of clothing (topics) in the bag (mind). As for the emptying of the clip, if someone has done this to you or you’ve done it to someone else, don’t take it personal & if you’re giving the emptying, pending the type of friendship, provide a disclaimer, because some people are gonna be as ready for receiving it as you are giving it, and vice versa. We have to keep in mind that some people are very outspoken, but soft-sided in the receiving of the strong speaking. That’s very important to keep in mind. We want others to get us, but we don’t wanna take time to get/understand others. This ties back to listening to respond vs. listening to understand. Communication goes a VERY long way whether we realize it or not.

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys this blog, & I promise (I know I’ve kept putting it off, probably because I’m single), but I will get into the dating woes of 2019. Y’all take care & have a good one.

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