Be Present

These two words scare us…they scare us when placed together. I feel like I mention or share this to people time & time again. I honestly feel like we as humans have gotten VERY disconnected, & part of this is because we don’t know how to be present. We are disinterested in what people are saying to us. We put on our headphones, scroll and scroll through our social media pages, like random things, comment appropriately, & share message with others as we feel fit.

I have a challenge that I’m gonna ask everyone to do while you’re reading this post. Pick up your phone & see if you can get to your settings for seeing your display time. For my Android family, if you are able to, download the digital wellbeing app (thought something like this was built-in, but most people don’t wanna know this). Anyways, just load that app up & see if it will show you how much you are using your phone or how often you are within various apps. For iOS (iPhone & iPad), it’s a “baked-in” of seeing your phone usage. If you go to Settings, & click the screen time (has an hourglass beside it). It may be turned off, & if it is, then that’s fine. However, if you’re trying to work on bettering your time, then this may be something to look at. Anyways, it breaks down all of your viewing on your phone & how long you’re in each app. For those wonder, here’s my 7-day window of phone usage:

If you notice, Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube are my biggest consumers. I sometimes don’t like seeing this, but when I look at this on every Sunday, it teaches that I have some room to grow. I’ve been using different products from Bagby brand, such as the actual bag & the band I wear on my phone, which I somehow seem to misplace for no apparent reason. Regardless, I have been seen publicly placing my phone off to the side for the sake of being present. Many of my friends probably think that I’m ignoring their messages, when the truth is that I’ve had my phone on Do Not Disturb. In my case of being a creator, I design graphic & web as well as podcast. Obviously, I write a weekly blog (which I appreciate everyone reading), which causes me to work very hard on being as present as possible. I can’t be present if I’m stuck in my phone trying to read something that won’t help me be aware of what I’m trying to do.

My main purpose of writing this blog is simple…if you are talking to someone & are finding yourself deep into your phone while talking to them OR are doing something else that takes your attention away from the task you should be working, then you’re not present. There could be reasons you’re not present, but just know that everyone may not mention it, & I might not even bring it to your attention. Just know that if I walk away or if I’m quiet, then you know it’s because I am wanting you to see the disadvantage of not being present. Plus, phubbing is kinda rude. Dubbing or ignoring someone because of your phone is just not cool. I even push to work on this myself, because I don’t want people to get half of me. Anyways, this is all I got. Hope you all have a safe & productive week. Take it easy.

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