Meeting Your Match

Writing this is something that I will say openheartedly is going to open me up to a truth about myself that I would have never thought I’d witness. I know that many times, I write blogs related to relationships, love, or my struggles with being single.

I had a conversation with someone today that I NEVER thought I’d expect to hear from. Obviously, this blog will be written well after that interaction, but I was given a reminder of some true insight…despite what I saw in that person, the compatibility along with understanding of me and who I am or what I like to do would not have kept us in the same boat or within the same radar of each other. I almost gave a hint, but I will just let that conversation remain in the archive as I continue this blog.

Seeing myself at the age of 35, I would have never thought I would have as great of friends as I do for starters. Trust me when I say that I love the place that I’m in with having good people around who are highly supportive & proud to see you grow as well as you are open to seeing their growth. There aren’t many friendships that have that kinda bond or connection. Thankfully, I have a core group. Next, my family has been as transparent in coming to me to tell me about myself, even when I don’t want to hear or accept it. Sometimes, I get frustrated about things shared, but I truly know that it’s coming from a good place. My spiritual building has been key to this process of dating or the involvement of meeting someone, & I have been forced to get a bit of a reality check when noticing how doing things my way have never worked in my favor.

Now for the good stuff…how my search WILL change. For me personally, I know that my biggest pieces of me are the big three…music, video games, & tech. Obviously, these tie into what many people know as my “other” brand, aka “thePASS” or the podcast about sports N stuff. And no, I’m not using this as a platform for the podcast, but if it’s working, let me know. I truly feel like whoever I become involved with would have to be prepared to be involved with someone who has a very creative life, as well as a balanced life. I will love and be committed or involved with my partner. That’s the least of it. If I say that I’m recording a podcast, you need to know that I’m really recording a podcast. I know that sometimes, people say they’re doing something & really aren’t doing it. With me, I think that acceptance of who I am and what I do is just all I ask for. I will accept when you say you’re out with your girls, or my personal favorite…I’m meeting up with a male friend of mine. Many times, people really miss that platonic friendships exist. They’re the best ones out there. I think that’s why my female friends who are truly my friends have been nothing but a true support system that I value more than others realize.

Anyways, I will leave this thought here, & hope that everyone who is reading will know that whoever she is, or wherever she is, I’m just a guy living an ordinary life with a bit of an extraordinary routine that balances things out. Oh, and to set the record straight, I normally make it my goal to be sure that whichever female that I’m involved with gets the best of me, & not some second fiddle or something along those lines. Anyways, thanks for reading, & as always, continue supporting, because I’m here building right along with you. Take it easy.


Why Do I Blog?


OK, I think I might have a theme going here. If you aren’t noticing it, then just know that your non-judgment is APPRECIATED!!!! If you read last week’s blog regarding “Why do I write?“, then you’ll understand.

This is a continuation of that blog. It breaks down why specifically do I blog. As mentioned, writing is something that many people privately do & are OK with their thoughts not being shared or presented to others, which isn’t the worst idea sometimes. When it comes to blogging, you can see yourself providing social media consent to practically judge you & embrace your thoughts regardless of how they may or may not feel about it. I think that blogging is VERY underrated. Currently, I’m in the middle of two of the most known considerable trends involving podcasting & blogging. I have been blogging for a couple of decades. When I first blogged, I would do it just to be a writer that wanted to get their thoughts out there to the masses. Here we are years later, & I make it my goal to be sure that my blogs are getting into a written routine. Bad enough I love just sitting down & scheduling messages like these that I know will get more attention than normal. I truly will admit that not everyone may not read every single blog that I’ve written, but the best part is that as long as my thoughts are shared and posted here, I know that I’ve gotten them out of my mind and on some form of interaction. I really can’t wait until I have the opportunity to really sit down & journal (yeah I’m talking about journaling in my blog…judge me…I don’t care lol). I just know that blogging has been my true form of balance of sanity.

The reason why I blog is that not many people are really willing to put that worthwhile time into blogging (or writing for that matter) the way I do. I am getting more and more excited that I have put the effort towards this the way I have because I know that it’s not just being done in vain. That’s what causes me truly give blogging the attention that I do.

If you have something on your mind, whether you blog or write about it, GET IT OUT!!!! Holding it in will generate more frustration. Also, if you feel you’re a poet, then share your poetry. No one will know what you’re capable of if you’re not putting the effort towards it. That’s what I’ve learned at least. As always, thanks for reading. Continue to be on the lookout for the weekly blogs. Until next time, this is BT signing out.

Why do I Write?


Many people have their reason or purpose of blogging or writing. This may surprise a lot of people, but you can blog & not write. Even worse, you can write (or journal) & not blog. Today, I will talk about why I write. Obviously, a form of writing that I do is journaling. Between journaling and blogging, I’m constantly trying to keep my thoughts flowing. Over the past few days, I have been introduced to meditation & peaceful prayer through my journaling. Writing is VERY pivotal to our routine whether we realize it or not. Sometimes, we have thoughts in our mind that we need to share, but don’t want to bring them directly to anyone’s attention. The toughest part is that our words are typically lost in translation. That’s where privately writing, or journaling comes into play

Many times, we have something we need to get off our chest, & we need to find the proper outlet to do so. Writing helps with this. Whether it’s writing a private journal on your blog page, or you just have a notebook that helps you keep on writing. I have found out that my twin & I are BOTH Moleskine addicts. If you have no clue who or what Moleskine is, go to Barnes & Noble and head to the section where you see all of those little notebooks. You could spend about 20 dollars and walk out with about 10 of those books. Obviously, I constantly catch myself trying to avoid journals. The reason why is that I have NEVER owned the same journal twice. The closest I came to owning a journal like an original was a difference in size. They had the same writing and design, but the books were two different sizes (one being portable, & the other having your standard 8.5 x 11 pages within it…yeah I’m that guy who remembers his journals).

I speak on journal writing, but I also want to bring up what you’re reading now…blogging. Before anyone jumps on my case, this is a form of writing. What’s the difference? You’ll have to stay tuned next week to compare the art of blogging. This is how I get you to come back.

In all seriousness, if you love writing poetry, writing a journal entry or a thought, or just plain taking notes period (avoid Evernote, because you’ll see yourself noting EVERYTHING). Regardless, if you are a quick note taker or someone who has a thought, you’ll see that becoming or being a writer just might be in your DNA all along. The important part is acknowledging that it exists and that you don’t hold those thoughts, because if you hold them, no one knows that they’re out there. As always, this is BT & stay tuned for the famous art that has landed you here…the art of BLOGGING!

P.S.-I guess I should state why do I write? The reason I write is that I don’t like to hold or keep thoughts in my head. Many times, you know something needs to be written or addressed, and it could blossom and grow into an even bigger thought which is what helps in establishing a flow when it comes to writing. So, that’s my reason for why I like to write. Guess it would have helped to stick to the topic at hand right?

Testing My Patience

I will forewarn you all that I have lacked patience. It has absolutely nothing to do with being from a microwave era. I mean, let’s face it…I’m highly unlikely gonna be in front of a stove cooking anything, but I know that for the more worthwhile things in life to happen, you gotta have a little patience to see things come together. I just know that in most cases, I truly want what I want at the time I want it. Guess that’s the driver in me that I was talking about a blog or two back. Many times in our life, we want things when we are practically not deserving of it. We also find ourselves forcing or fixing things that need to truly be left alone.

A couple of weeks ago, my mother was having a conversation with me, that suddenly turned differently when she pointed out that I need to be patient. I was almost about to paraphrase that totally wrong. Her point of learning how to be patient is valid. There are times that I get into my selfish mode of wanting what I want on my terms. Sometimes, that finds a way to blow up in my face. Being accountable for that is harder than we think sometimes. The turnaround of that is that you have to sometimes go for what’s out there. Just recently, I was able to get some things resolved on my end that if I wasn’t patient in getting them handled, I would have been stuck in my mental bubble along with avoiding with the possibility of making some minor changes towards becoming a better me. I will say that my patience is tested more often than I think. I also know that by sitting back and just assessing various situations, I come out better with the upcoming things that are ahead in my future.

Patience will help me lead to bigger and greater. Impatience will also lead to me going for something that I may normally miss out on when I’m just sitting back wondering “what if”. Do you truly have patience, or is it in your blood to be impatient? I know that, as the beginning states, I’m VERY impatient. I’m FORCED to be patient during certain circumstances.

Everything is Fine

I think thanks to listening to an album along with me seeing how my life has been coming together the last few days, I really wanna believe that everything is fine. The truth is that I’m truly feeling useless at times. I don’t wanna feel labeled, but I also feel like as an unemployed individual with a past, I have to carry myself into new things with a different attitude. It’s almost like I have to show my hand without acknowledging what’s going on. It shouldn’t be that way, but it has been, & I’ve been doing my best to keep my head level through things. So the question really becomes if everything is fine?

I talked to my mother today (at the time of this blog) & she asked if I was OK. I truly told her that I have my days. I will say that getting out of the house & sometimes getting out of my personal head space helps out a lot. I know that’s only a small way of getting things done, but we obviously gotta start somewhere, right? I sometimes forget how blessed I am & how “alright” or “fine” I really am. I know that many times, we hate hearing that we’re blessed or feeling that we’re blessed. The truth is that we have it better than we think sometimes. Pieces of our lives come together even when don’t feel like it’s completely coming together. You have to truly accept what happens in your life & along the way. Just my personal input. Hope everyone enjoys their week. Take care.

Throwing in the Podcast Towel (Podfade)

Not many people will hear or know this story, but I had multiple instances with the podcast in which I wanted to just give up everything, let it go, & just work. Obviously, things have come up causing me to change that attitude or mindset, or even worse, I would personally get reeled back into knowing the importance of why I podcast the way I do. I can even remember a point when I had to rename my podcasts in order to get the proper attention & gain the right energy in order to get it completed. You are sometimes forced to realize that it’s not always gonna be about you or even your future for that matter. What helped also was that my first microphone sadly broke while at an event, but I ended up getting my Blue Yeti microphone, which was RIGHT ON TIME!

I write this blog because it’s bigger than me wanting to quit and give up on my podcast. There were times that I honestly wanted to give up on life. No, I didn’t hit depression or wanted to commit suicide. However, there were moments when I felt that I just had lost my urgency towards doing things I wasn’t sure I would be able to get accomplished. I think what drives me is that I have to realize that it’s for me, & that I’m not up here doing it for others. We spend so much of our energy trying to satisfy and please others, failing to realize that half of them could care less about what we’re trying to get done. I think that’s the missing piece of the puzzle. You have to do things for you. If you quit, you’re quitting for you. Quitting for others won’t change or stop their lives from moving on. Many times, we have to be brought back to earth to remember this, & it’s not the worst thing to be reminded of this. You just have to sit and know what your priorities in life are in order to become a better person.

This might have a odd spin on our life or even your future, but just be sure to remember that throwing in the towel or quitting on something could impact others around you, but you have to know how much you matter to you and even your future for that matter. That’s the best way to look at it. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Until next week, this is BT logging out for yet another thought bringing you…BACK AGAIN!!!! (Yay!!! I finally got a go-to closing).

Hey Desktop…

I thought I’d turn on the desktop that I bought a couple of years ago. I wasn’t sure if I’d really be willing to use it, but after taking time to know that there’s something to live for in my gaming life (never forget my retro console), I am truly in limbo about returning to live streaming. I have wanted to see if I could use my passpodcast platform to promote what’s going on the world of “Sports N Stuff”, or I’d like to wait to buy a console & see what’s in store with being a true streamer. I also have to factor in accessories if I’m looking to get a greenscreen backdrop and all that jazz. There’s so much riding on these next few decisions. The initial issue I was personally having with my desktop is that it’s Windows. OK, I’m gonna stop being petty. I actually never forget where I came from. The big problem that I was running into involved my primary hard drive running out of space, but the truth is that any programs that need to be installed should be done on the extended hard drive. It takes me truly sitting and really thinking things through to know exactly how it works. I’ve gotten it running much better since then. Now, I have to see what my next plans are (without it turning into a League of Legends desktop. I have to really be patient in knowing that I can’t turn into the “I want & I need” person with this process. It will come together in its due time. All I know is that I am truly remaining positive and focused on all that’s ahead.

I’m gonna share one thing writing ahead on these blogs. I know that when someone emphasizes that they’re remaining positive, it’s not just something to say to make yourself sound good or think that it’s all gonna work out. I truly have to keep myself in the right state of mind. This is usually the way I approach things from an overall view. Just know that without positivity is when tension and mental frustration has a tendency to show up without permission. Anyways, enjoy your week everyone.